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Tariq K. Shabazz is a Husband, Navy Veteran, and Political Scientist. He grew up in inner city Cleveland, Ohio where he experienced numerous traumas ranging from the debilitating state of poverty to gun violence. The Issues that he experienced only forged the fire and ambition to enact longstanding change. 


  • Tariq Shabazz most recent run for office was for Cuyahoga County Executive in the Democratic Primary 2022. The county’s population size is 1.2 million people and comprises 59 Municipalities. He received approximately 27,000 votes which equated to 34% of the votes casted within the 2022 Democratic Primary. 

  • Mr. Shabazz ran for US Congress OH-11 in the 2021 Special Election Primary

  • Mr. Shabazz ran for US Congress OH-11 in the 2020 Democratic Primaries and placed second to now HUD Secretary, Marcia Fudge 


  • Master of Public Policy | National Security | American Public University System 2020

  • Bachelor of Political Science | International Affairs | American Military University -2018


Mr. Shabazz enlisted in the United States Navy in November 2014, under the job title of an Aviation Electronics Technician at the Intermediate Level.

Mr. Shabazz underwent bootcamp at the US Navy Recruit Training Command based in Great Lakes, Illinoi. After the completion of boot camp, Shabazz transitioned to Naval Air Technical Training Center (NATTC) to attend his first Apprenticeship school.

He graduated top of his class which was composed of 30 Sailors and Marines. For his efforts leading the Unit, becoming a peer tutor, and overall class standing was recommended for advancement to the next Pay-grade from the Officer In Charge of NATTC Pensacola.Tariq Shabazz received his meritorious promotion to a Petty Officer Third Class while at FRC Mid Atlantic Detachment Patuxent River. 

Throughout his tenure at his first duty station, he accomplished a wide array of feats. Mr. Shabazz was recognized as the Junior Sailor of the Year within his first Year at his Ultimate duty Station in FRC Mid Atlantic Detachment Patuxent River in 2016. He was nominated for Junior Sailor of the Year for the Entire FRC Mid Atlantic 2016

He also attained the title of a Petty Officer Second Class. After departing from his first Ultimate duty Station, he arrived at FRC SW Detachment Pt. Mugu. As the supervisor for the Radar shop led personnel throughout the production operation and was Nominated For Sailor of the Year for 2018. Tariq knows what the oath is truly and put in the extended hours of effort to support and defend the US Constitution which is proven by his Honorable discharge in 2019.

Awards & Honors 

2x Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals

1x Sailor of the Year Fleet Readiness Center Mid-Atlantic Detachment Patuxent River 2016

1x Nomination for Sailor of the Year of Fleet Readiness Center Mid Atlantic 2016

1x Nomination for Sailor of the Year for Fleet Readiness Center SouthWest Detachment Pt Mugu 2018

1x Flag Letter of Commendation

3x Maintenance Officer (Officer in Charge) Commendations 

1 of 30 Class Standing | Aviation Electronics Technician I-Strand [2015]

Honor Student Aviation Electronics Technician I-Strand [2015]

Vice President of Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (FRCMA Det Pax River) 2016-2017

President of Second Class Petty Officer Association (FRCSW Det Pt Mugu)

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The use of photos in uniform are not an endorsement by way of the US Navy or the DOD.

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